XAYA Platform Is A Flagship Initiative In The Blockchain Gaming Industry, Supporting Evolution And Innovation

The global video industry is evolving at a fast pace and the current figures are impressive as it boasts over $100 billion.

The industry’s primary target is to expand as further as possible the experience and possibilities for consumers across the world.

An exciting development is revolving around blockchain gaming which can disrupt the industry on a global scale.

Enthusiasts and critics suggest that the fusion of video games and the blockchain technology is the next generation of gaming. Such an initiative is encapsulated in the platform called XAYA.

XAYA is emerging as a flagship initiative in blockchain gaming

XAYA was formerly known as Chimaera, and it’s produced by the very inventors of blockchain gaming who also developed the successful Huntercoin project back in 2013.

XAYA is the result of genius minds coming from both gaming and blockchain industry.

This is a custom blockchain that’s created specifically for gaming that allows real-time, cost-free and infinite scalable gameplay in a trustless decentralized way, just how blockchain enthusiasts love it most. Gamers have complete ownership of their virtual assets and characters.

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XAYA mainnet is live – Awaiting for “Treat Fighter”

Via the XAYA mainnet, users have access to their asset wallets and also integrated game wallets which allow them to register names and accounts to use them for all games that are operating on the XAYA blockchain.

XAYA’s first game is called Treat Fighter, and it will be launched soon on the mainnet.

Treat Fighter was developed by TrickyFast Studios and it’s a strategy game in which players carry out expeditions, craft treats, collect resources, and fight others as they work to grow their candy armies to rise above all competitors.

Pre-sale participants’ rights

Even if the mainnet is already live, it’s important to note that previous CHI purchases are not available until the coin sale ends.

On the other hand, all pre-sale participants will receive a placeholder amount of 50 tokens (CHI) in order to be able to start playing the game and register names.

More than this, users will be able to sign up on the forms in order to receive free CHI tokens to play.

Via such an approach gameplay and other activities that take place on the network will remain fair to all users.

“Soccer Manager Crypto” to be launched on XAYA

Soccer Manager Crypto is another game that waits for its launch on XAYA.

This is set to happen by the end of this year. SMC has more than 50 million downloads already, and it’s set to become the most popular blockchain game immediately after it’s launched on XAYA.

Keep an eye on the upcoming main sale

Already having the mainnet launched, this project is ready to embrace activities from outside developers. Developers do not require previous knowledge of Solidity or any other blockchain programming language.

This makes XAYA the most straightforward platform in the world at the moment for developing blockchain games. XAYA games can be coded in any language developers choose.

The project also welcomes both new and experienced developers to publish their very own creations together with the gaming studios that are already working on XAYA.

Before the mainnet was launched, XAYA’sn private and public pre-sales have been already finalized. But, a more significant amount of CHI will not be available until the main scale which is scheduled to begin on August 25. It will last for six whole weeks, and it will be hosted on the Qryptos exchange platform.

You can learn more about XAYA and take part in the public sake by heading over to their official website here.

XAYA opened a portal to the future of blockchain gaming and is expecting all enthusiasts, gamers and developers on pass through and enter a new world of games.

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