Volareo smart speaker: Do Amazon Alexa and Google Home have a new blockchain rival?

Volareo, the world’s first open-source blockchain-powered smart speaker, will launch its crowdfunding campaign this week in a bid to dethrone the market’s biggest players.

The ‘alternative’ speaker comes from an independent company based in Rotterdam, and is the first to integrate the technology with blockchain services.

Through its partnership with Musicoin, Choon and Emanate, Volareo will offer users the chance to ‘tip’ artists, engage with fairer streaming, concert ticketing and merchandising, and gain access to original content such as podcasts and interviews.

The website description reads: “I am Volareo. At first, I am a smart speaker. You can ask me questions and give me commands, or you can have me play your favourite tunes. I am here to help you! I am also completely private and fully open source. I am built for you, an independent thinker who values privacy and believes decentralisation is the future.”

It makes sense for the firm to highlight the device’s decentralised nature, with more and more headlines regarding privacy concerns for Alexa, Google Home and other smart speakers beginning to dominate the conversation.

But that’s not all Volareo wants to address – like Choon, it also has its eyes on improving the financial relationship between musicians and fans.

Nick Yap, Volareo founder, said: “Blockchain technology offers levels of engagement from fans and compensation to the artists that were unimaginable years ago. Powered by Musicoin, we designed Volareo to work seamlessly with this new movement.

“Volareo makes it possible for listeners to give a musician a ‘tip’. You support a musician with a donation, by pressing a button or by clapping your hands. This smart speaking ensures that you can tangibly support your favourite artist.”

The Volareo speaker will be ready to order via Indiegogo from August 15th.

“Our goal is to aggregate these different blockchain based music services that are currently emerging,” Yap continued. “Think about blockchain music streaming services, blockchain ticketing or merchandise services. By builfing a smart voice-enabled speaking and an app platform, we bridge that last mile of getting the music to the listener.”

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