Twitter has a new ethical rival – it’s using the blockchain, and you can’t delete your posts

Peepeth aims to bring the good back to social media – and it’s setting itself up as a Twitter rival…

Twitter has rarely been out of the headlines this year, aided in no small part by it being the communication tool of choice for the President of the United States. The perception of the social media networking service, though, isn’t a particularly positive one, not least with recent controversies over who does, and doesn’t, get banned from the service.

Twitter has no shortage of critics. But some of those dissenting voices have channelled their energies into coming up with an alternative. Thus, based on the Ethereum blockchain comes Peepeth, which describes itself as “a blockchain-powered social network for our best selves”.

The key selling points behind the platform are “opinionated features” and “permanence”, and the latter point in particular is of real interest. For every message sent via the service becomes permanently registered in the blockchain, in theory meaning you can’t delete anything that you’ve written. This plays to the more responsible attitude that Peepeth is trying to foster. It reckons that by not letting you remove your posts, it’ll encourage people to be more mindful of what they’re writing, and will encourage people to be more self-aware.

It’s a noble goal, and interestingly, it’s eschewing an ICO for its fundraising. Instead, Peepeth is trying to raise an initial £46,816 via Kickstarter instead. Under the banner of “let’s make social media a force for good”, the campaign – than you can find here – has already raised over £7,000 of its goal, with 26 days to go at the time of writing.

You can read more on Peepeth, and get involved, at its website, here.

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