Trino Develops Pioneer Social Trading Platform With Authenticated Records On The Blockchain: ‘We Aim To Be The Alibaba Of Crypto Trading And Investing”

Social trading, in general, involves the fact that traders who are publishing their performance will also have to back up their claims with proven expertise and experience.

At the moment, things don’t stand like this, and as an investor, if you want to check out a trader’s track record, you’ll just have to settle with believing the positioning of traders on social media.

You also have to option to check out the unverified posts on social trading sites as well, that’s true.

This doesn’t sound quite right, does it? But the sad truth is that there’s no way in which such details related to the trades or the accurate performance in real time can be confirmed.

This issue is a really stringent one that affects not only the fiat market but also the crypto one as well.

The end result is a terrible proliferation of inaccurate or false data about trading track records. The worst thing is that this can lead to investors losing millions and nobody wants that.

Trino network connects traders and investors via verified social trading

The severe issues from the financial market that we described above might just be one step closer to getting solved.

The Trino network is launching its unified crypto/fiat trading platform which has the supreme goal of connecting traders and investors via verified social trading.

Trino is an innovative web-based trader and investor network. Here, track records and trading performances remain in the blockchain, and they can be verified by third-parties.

Trino became the first centralized trading network for this new era of decentralized social trading that is upon us.

The fact that the record of trades will be saved on the blockchain will basically give investors the maximum transparency and the opportunity to view trading performance related data.

This way, their decision will finally be based on accurate, verified facts, and not mere assumptions or false, unverified data.

Trino’s revolutionary key features

Trino will make it possible that the verified and authenticated track records are implemented in the blockchain.

The platform will also aggregate pricing and volumes of cryptocurrency exchanges.

This means that traders will get the chance to save on costs while also taking care of the usual problem that lurks in the crypto markets: low liquidity.

The company’s main features and benefits for users are listed briefly below:

  • Saving track records on the blockchain so that anyone can verify them
  • Aggregating crypto exchange feeds
  • Copying traders across various brokerages and exchanges, making Trino perfect for funds and professional money managers
  • Providing low fees and costs for transactions
  • Offering deep liquidity
  • Providing the ability  to trade crypto, FX, futures, and equities
  • Trading AI and algorithms

It’s important to highlight the fact that Trino provides safety from hacks that could trigger loss of capital while trading here.

Becoming the Alibaba of crypto trading and investing

Trino brings the vast but segmented world of crypto trading and investing together in a transparent, communal way,” said Trino CEO Robert Flohr.

Via smart contracts, transactions will be verified and trading records will be finally authenticated, allowing traders to build their reputation and providing investors with 100% confidence.

“We aim to be the Alibaba of crypto trading and investing,” concludes Flohr.

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