TriForce Tokens Blockchain Gaming Platform To Operate Dynamic Advertisement On The Blockchain

TriForce Tokens is a blockchain platform that, in the last period, worked hard on its MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) to create real-world applicability for its FORCE cryptocurrency. TriForce Tokens, which struggles to create appropriate uses for its blockchain technology, evolved lately into a games publishing framework. Now, the platform announced their intention to operate a dynamic advertisement system on the blockchain.

First, on October 8th, 2018, TriForce Tokens plans to commence its final public token offering, working to become the best games publishing framework in the blockchain universe, that among other MVPs the company is developing as we speak. To achieve that, the platform’s officials announced that they’re working on their own blockchain, but more on this topic will be offered on August 31st.

About TriForce Tokens and its partnerships

TriForce Tokens struggles to become the standard on multiple gaming platforms with an anti-piracy system, player-to-player trading, and a unique platform designed to reward cooperative gameplay. With the new blockchain-based platform, TriForce Tokens plans to create an exceptional environment for both developers and gamers where the devs are provided with new revenue models, lower rates, and access to player behavioral data. On the other hand, the players will be able to develop their own digital asset empire.

Recently, TriForce Tokens bought TheGameWall Studios, based in Cambridge UK, which is now the platform’s games publishing task force. Additionally, with the launch of its gamers rewarding platform, RaidParty, TriForce Tokens brought some exciting game assets to the platform, including the first-person/real-time strategy hybrid game Eximius: Seize The Frontline for PC.

You can find more details on TriForce Tokens on its official site, or connect with them on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram.

Dynamic advertisement on the blockchain via TriForce Tokens

In a recent press release, TriForce Tokens reportedly launched its dynamic advertisement platform for non-intrusive in-game advertisement placement automatically and autonomously. The platform permits brands to advertise anything, in the form of in-game objects, images, textures, or videos, within seconds.

The platform would allow for live data tracking, for the advertisers to see if ads are performing as expected or not.

Even though the dynamic advertisement platform is not yet placed onto a blockchain, it’s future benefits are visible. Accordingly, the system would permit brands to check their ads’ placement in real-time, as well as if they reached the targeted public. Also, the decentralized nature of this TriForce Tokens’ dynamic advertisement system guarantees enhanced security and around the clock operability.

More details on this platform of dynamic advertisement on the blockchain can be found in the explanatory video below:

[embedded content]

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