TriForce Tokens Blockchain Gaming Platform Launched Steam Game And Final Token Sale

Throughout 2017, TriForce Tokens developed a very advanced blockchain gaming platform and signed some significant deals. Now, TriForce Tokens is releasing new games and is entering its final token sale. Among the new titles, they launched Eximius on the popular Steam gaming platform.

Eximius is a Real Time Strategy and First Person Shooter combat game and it is the first one developed by a decentralized blockchain gaming platform to reach the popular Steam gaming network.

About TriForce Tokens blockchain gaming platform

TriForce Tokens is employing the blockchain technology to address the issues of the gaming industry, which include high costs and several inefficiencies.

The primary mission of TriForce Tokens is to help developers engage gamers directly. So, by cutting out intermediaries, additional costs are also reduced, and the devs can provide games at lower prices.

Besides the benefits this blockchain gaming platform brings to games developing, TriForce Tokens also offers Dynamic Advertising Platform, permitting devs to add ads within games, but without annoying the gamers. So, players are not disturbed by advertisements when playing and developers can earn extra income.

TriForce Tokens launched its final token sale

According to BitcoinPRBuzz, TriForce Tokens announced its final token sale, after successfully concluded the previous phase. This final stage of its token sale will commence on October 8th and will last until November 11th.

During this final token sale, 1 FORCE token would be available at the base value of $0.15. Also, this one-month long sale phase would boast weekly bonuses of  15%, 10%, and 5%, respectively. The fourth week of the final token sale will have no bonuses.

Also, those who want to buy FORCE tokens need to comply KYC and AML verifications, and a $100 backing must be done.

To learn more about TriForce Tokens, you can visit its official site, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram, or read the blockchain gaming platform’s whitepaper. Also, you can check out the Eximium game on Steam.

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