offers TIOx crypto discounts as part of new co-working venture

New Nest co-working locations will provide business-centric facilities to freelance, remote and travelling workers, with discounts for token users. 

In the search for new ways to enhance the attraction of its own TIOx token, is planning to move into offering co-working facilities for freelance and remote workers.

The so-called ‘Nest’ sites, which will appear first in Malaysia, before being franchised out to additional locations, will offer common areas, meeting rooms and private cubicles – as well as food and beverage concessions. Payments for use of the facilities, and the food and drink, can be made at a discount for users of the the company’s own TIOx token, with plans being made for ATMs on site to sell the crypto. will partner with Sage Equity and Siswanto in the management of the sites, with the latter having plenty of experience in food retail. It’s an interesting move for the company, a blockchain-based financial institution that offers an exchange, consulting services, incubator and liquidity pool – all powered by its own TIOx utility token. The company’s Business Development Director, John Patrick Mullin, said that is “always looking at ways to add value and utility to TIOx” and that the co-working industry allows it to accomplish this while “adding an additional revenue source to our popular liquidity pool which participants can benefit from.”

“NEST is designed to be a stand-alone business as well as a community outreach centre for all community members and will be used as a venue in which ICO clients can conduct and meet their potential community members.”

It marks the end of a busy month for the company, and another interesting off-shoot venture – with it having which recently struck a deal with Forbes on a project closer to its spiritual home. The two companies will team up for Forbes CryptoMarkets, a new resource for data on cryptocurrency market movements.

Its TIOx token also became available through its own exchange as of today, October 31st, after a security breach saw 50m of its original TIO tokens taken from a cold wallet earlier in the month. That theft, which was not apparently linked to any technical hack on the cold wallet storage or the exchange’s systems, led to fork the crypto are switch out all existing TIO for the new TIOx coin.

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