TenBillion Coin Announced A New Partnership And Three IEO Listings Starting With August 28th

Via a recent press release, TenBillion Coin announced the company’s third partnership, plus three IEO listings, all starting with August 28th.

TenBillion Coin Announced a New Partnership

TenBillion Coin is a 2019-founded Chinese blockchain startup that plans to help companies make the jump to the blockchain technology.

The new partnership that TenBillion Coin will sign soon comes in addition to those that already exist, namely, the agreements with the Institute of Southeast Guizhou Province Hospital and the XiaYi ShengTai YingRan Technology Industrial Park.

According to the recent announcement, TenBillion Coin will sign its third partnership with NanTong Wonder Petro-Chemical Engineering Company, a firm which, in the last 20 years, partnered with big names in the oil industry, including BP, DuPont, Dow, Shell, Sinopec, and ExxonMobil, among others.

But that’s not all! Many Chinese companies are interested in TenBillion Coin, and many partnerships will most surely be signed in the future.

Three IEO Listings for TenBillion Coin, as of August 28th

Besides the news about the new deal they signed, TenBillion Coin representatives also announced three IEO listings that will start soon, on August 28th. That will be possible thanks to the blockchain startup’s deals with LA Token, P2PB2B, and VinDax, a Vietnamese platform.

The three listings will make available 6 billion tokens, as follows:

  • 4 billion via LA Token
  • 1 billion on P2PB2B
  • 1 billion via VinDax

Through these three IEO listings, TenBillion Coin tokens can be purchased at their ICO price of $0.005 per unit. That’s a massive opportunity for every investor to put some money on one of the most powerful blockchain startups in the world. Remember that TenBillion Coin addresses powerful Chinese companies, and soon enough, the startup will most likely deal with other enterprises around the globe.

Keep in touch with TenBillion Coin

Official website – TenBillion Coin

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TenBillionCoinYBY/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tenbillioncoin/

Telegram: https://t.me/tenbillioncoin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tenbillioncoin/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCypVzXvE3AZYZ7BPjyTVRpg

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