TAP Coin Rewards Hotel Customers Paying in Crypto- All Within Their Rapidly Expanding App

In such a short time, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have become household names. However, outside of the tech sphere, real life applications of this technology still haven’t been fully actualized. Utilising TAP Coin, Hooch was an app that stood out from the start, due to the fact that it takes all the complexities and benefits of Blockchain technology and distills it into an application which connects the tech world and the desires of the average consumer. This user may not know the first thing about Blockchain or cryptocurrencies, but it doesn’t matter. Anyone can receive the rewards that come with engaging in this exciting platform.

An expanding portfolio with more users, a greater presence on social media and the launch of Hooch Black gives us an idea about not only the success so far, but also the ambition for this bold business. Not only is TAP Coin being utilized to get discounts, as each day goes by, there are more options for how we can use this app. An exciting new announcement reveals that using your conventional bank account is not the only way you can accrue TAP Coin. In fact, you can be rewarded with TAP Coin for paying in Ethereum- a first, which brings the world of crypto to the heart of the experience economy.

What is Hooch and TAP Coin and how can I benefit?

If you’re not yet initiated, Hooch, and now Hooch Black, are services for people who love to get out and about; exploring cities, going to festivals, dining out in style, unwinding in bars and letting loose in clubs. Lin Dai, the founder of Hooch and a serial entrepreneur, created a platform that rewards your engagement with products and services. With Hooch it is simple; your bank card is hooked up to the app, you go out and have a great night on the town, and with every purchase you make at partnered establishments, 5-10% of your spend comes back to you in the form of TAP Coin- a cryptocurrency which can be used to get discounts.

This exciting new platform seems to have been enough to encourage a slew of business leaders, industry insiders and celebrities including Len Blavatnik, Rosario Dawson and executives from Red Bull and Moet Hennessy to get on board. Furthermore, the consumers are happy. This platform was rolled out in the US but is now quickly going global, with more than 200,000 users and counting.

Feel Like a VIP with Hooch Black

While TAP Coin can already be used for great discounts, Hooch Black is a new venture for the consumer who wants to have greater access to the finer things in life. Not only can you get wind of unadvertised sales, but also be a part of special events. With Hooch you can get into festivals, exclusive parties and other sought after events. This is more than just saving a few dollars here and there, this is for people who want to get about, have a great time and really be a part of some magical experiences. Hooch Black is partnered with over 100,000 hotels and resorts all around the world.
One cool feature of the app is concierge, where someone can help you organize an event, recommend places to visit or even arrange a booking for you. Another is access, where you can find out where the hottest after party is, or get into a VIP area at a festival. Luxury style is no longer just for the upper classes. You can get a slice of the action and live the high life with discounts.

What Do TAP Coin, Ethereum and Luxury Hotels Have in Common?

TAP Coin is linked to your bank card, and until now you would receive rewards based on your traditional cash purchases. However, in many countries we are seeing a decline in cash. More and more people are holding their assets in cryptocurrencies. This is what makes the partnership with Ethereum a game changer. Ins

ide one app you can pay with normal cash, or a cryptocurrency and get the same TAP Coin rewards. This app is helping bring cryptocurrency into everyday transactions, and making it easier for anyone to do. This is both innovative and very exciting.

Hooch has been building a strong

partnership with hotels all around the world. If you’re a frequent traveler you are probably well aware of problems that can occur with money when travelling, whether it is transfers than take time to clear, high commission on payments, payment bottlenecks or complications with different currency cards. Here, both you and the hotels can cut out the middleman. Direct instant payment can be authorized in hotels all around the world, with fiat currencies or with Ethereum. It is the most efficient way to relax, save, get out and about, and be rewarded for it.

What’s Next

There are so many exciting developments in this field that it is difficult to keep up to date. This changing culture is reflected in the fact that it is really being taken seriously by advertisers, investors and crypto enthusiasts alike. Blockchain technology is definitely here to stay, and with apps like Hooch Black you can be ahead of the game, using cryptocurrency to relax and get TAP Coin to use on your next adventure. Soon you will be able to book a 5-star discounted hotel and organise your entire night from there, starting with dinner, then drinks at bar and finishing at an exclusive after party, all on one convenient app. Who knows the type of people you will meet along the way! If you want to know what is happening in the world of TAP Coin, this Telegram channel is all you need for exclusive updates, straight to your phone. This is just as well as the announcements are coming thick and fast.

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