SRAX Issues The Right to Receive BIGToken Securities And Sets The Record Date On September 17th

SRAX (Social Reality, Inc.) is a company that deals with digital marketing and consumer data management and technology distribution. Now, SRAX issues the right to receive BIGToken securities and sets the record date on September 17th.

BIGToken, on the other hand, as announced by its board of directors, will have such rights and preferences and will start distributing them to SRAX when BIGToken will meet the regulatory conditions.

“We are excited for the Beta launch of BIGtoken, which is working to solve data accuracy for the data market that is estimated to be over $130 billion. As promised, we are issuing a dividend for BIGtoken Inc. We look forward to rewarding shareholders as SRAX and BIG grow,” stated Christopher Miglino, SRAX CEO and Chairman, cited by BitcoinPRBuzz in a press release on this matter.

About BIGToken, BIG Platform, and SRAX

SRAX or Social Reality, Inc., is a company that handles digital marketing and consumer data and operates a distribution technology platform. Also, via its blockchain technology, BIG, SRAX is working on the development of a consumer-powered data marketplace where the participant can own and sell access to their data.

With massive involvement in CPG, automotive, sports and lifestyle sectors, SRAX aims to enhance the advertising experience, and, now, it plans to integrate that and even more on the upcoming platform – BIG Platform.

BIG Platform, which is developed on the blockchain by SRAX, is a platform for managing consumer data and a distribution system. While it is still under development, BIG Platform would become the first blockchain-based marketplace where members can own, verify and sell access to their data.

Those consumers who participate in the BIG Platform marketplace will be rewarded, while the programmers would be able to develop online experiences over the platform. The BIG Platform would operate with BIGToken (BTK) crypto token.

Learn more about this project on the official BIGToken website.

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