New Wikipedia rival goes live, promising cryptocurrency rewards

Everipedia opens it doors, and is offering IQ tokens by way of incentive…

Whilst Wikipedia continues to eschew advertising and the idea of utilising cryptocurrency to fund its services (and has resisted, too, the idea of an ICO to help raise funds), a new rival to the online encyclopaedia has sprung up – and crypto is very much part of its focus.

Everipedia was originally founded at the end of December 2014, and itself is a fork of Wikipedia. It’s positioning itself as less restrictive than its (far) more famous rival, and thus far, editing is online possible via invite only, or through successful application.

However, in terms of its back end technology, Everipedia announced at the end of last year that it was looking to switch to EOS blockchain, and also confirmed that it had plans for its own cryptocurrency. Progress has been made, to the point where Everipedia is now live and kicking, with over six million articles on the service as it stands. It, like Wikipedia, aims to be ad-free, and applications are open on the front of the site to be one of those aforementioned editors.

There’s an incentive, too, which is where the aforementioned cryptocurrency comes in. Those who create and maintain content on Everipedia are set to be rewarded with IQ tokens (IQX). That said, users need IQ tokens to create material, and to be able to vote on the IQ network (of which you can read more here).

Intriguingly, the project has attracted the attention of Wikipedia co-founder Dr Larry Sanger, who joined officially last December. He’s no longer involved in Wikipedia, and has been a critic of the direction it’s taken.

Everipedia can be found at


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