New British Blockchain Industry Association launched to give a “clear voice” to UK businesses

The BBIA will provide the UK industry with a “clear voice informed and enabled by industry.”

UK blockchain companies will be receiving newfound support in the form of The British Blockchain Industry Association (BBIA): a new company formed by the nonprofit advocacy organisation BBA.

In a release published today, the BBIA describes itself as “an association fully dedicated to the blockchain industry of the UK and open to the world,” which aims to represent the country’s blockchain industry as an advocate for education, adoption and “the public good.”

It also describes technologies such as blockchain, AI, DLT and IoT as “fundamental” parts of the future, and wants to help the UK establish a global leadership position by speaking with a ‘clear voice informed and enabled by industry’.

“This is a very important step forward,” said BBIA acting chair, Barry E. James.

He says the organisation will allow the association to “fully focus resources and efforts on the development of the nascent industry, the needs of members and continue to support the work of government regulators and the taskforce, focusing on the needs of their members and stakeholders.”

The company’s core members include Qadre founder Laura Bailey, Team Blockchain CEO Jonny Fry and Helen Disney, CEO of events hub Unblocked.

The BBIA is due to officially launch in the new year, with a governing system that will support the “high levels of transparency” members expect of the technology.

The British Blockchain Association launched earlier this year, with the aim of supporting blockchain adoption across the UK and worldwide. By advocating for distributed ledger technology, the organisation aims to “bring tangible, real world impact with economic stability.”

Current individual BBA members will also get a year’s membership to BBIA, free of charge.

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