Music legend Peter Gabriel puts money into blockchain start-up

A new blockchain start-up from the UK gets investment from music star Peter Gabriel…

Peter Gabriel first found fame as the lead singer of the group Genesis, and subsequently through his solo musical career. He’s also extensively produced and promoting other people’s music, and looked at differing ways to distribute it.

With those latter points in mind, then, perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that Gabriel has now invested in a new UK-based start-up called Provenance. Provenance is using blockchain in its work, which involves making food transportation more transparent. Again, it’s a way of changing the manner in which things – food, in this instance – are distributed.

In a statement backing the firm’s work, Gabriel said that “we need to be able to trust the source and distribution chain, particularly when it comes to guaranteeing that things are produced ethically and in an ecologically sound way”.

He added that “I am convinced that the service Provenance provides, using their blockchain data system, is going to find a big role going forward and will be of great use to the consumer and provide a level playing field for smaller, independent producers on which to compete with the big players”.

The amount Gabriel has invested hasn’t been disclosed, but you can find out more about the work of Provenance, here.

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