Monero (XMR) Is Still A Coin Worth Keeping An Eye On

As you probably know by now, Monero managed to record positive strides recently, and it was sable to jump two positions on the crypto charts.

As we already said, XMR’s popularity is still on the rise, and this is mostly due to the powerful potential of this privacy-oriented coin that managed to prove so far that it’s definitely a viable future investment for traders.

Positive XMR-related price prediction

TronWeekly notes that “According to crypto analysts, following its positive trends in the last few weeks, Monero might be on its way towards an upsurge that might see the crypto cross the 100 US dollar mark soon.”

At the moment, XMR is trading in the green on CMC and the privacy-oriented coin is priced at $74.11.

According to the latest statistics, Monero will be able to cross the $90 level soon, according to the same online magazine mentioned above.

If the crypto continues to move with its current momentum, it might be able to –pass the $95 and $100 vital levels.

Despite the huge volatility that’s been taking over the crypto market recently, there are more optimistic predictions regarding the price of Monero and other coins.

New interesting Monero report is out

Developers are always working on enhancing the Monero project, and Monero’s Riccardo Spagni himself has been addressing these impressive features a lot.

AltcoinBuzz released a report involving the project which addresses the most important issues related to it: updates, releases, partnerships, price factors, past, and upcoming events, and more.

Bitcoin is also surrounded by optimistic predictions these days.

We recently reported that one of the most popular crypto analysts out there just said that BTC might have officially kicked off the fourth parabolic market circle.

Peter Brandt who accurately called out the beginning of the past BTC bear market has now tweeted about BTC’s previous parabolic cycles.

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