Monero (XMR) Drops Below The Previous Support Level, And The Bearish Trend Might Continue

Even though the Monero team put some hard work in developing the newly released version of PiNode-XMR that is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 Images, Monero (XMR), the market’s most popular privacy coin, is not doing very well. Monero (XMR) price plunged below the previous support level, and the bearish trend might continue.

Monero (XMR) PiNode-XMR is a big leap into the future for Monero

Don’t get us wrong, the new version of PiNode-XMR represents a significant step forward for Monero (XMR) as its ultimate purpose would be to come up with plug-and-play nodes that would be extremely user-friendly as it would not need any command-line input.

Also, another exciting feature of PiNode-XMR is the introduction of the new ‘Advanced Settings’ section to the web-based UI, which permits users to access new settings and functions directly from every web browser on the same network.

Monero (XMR) drops below the support level – The XMR bearish trend to continue

At the moment of this writing, Monero (XMR) trades at $85.43, as it dropped by 0.54% in the last 24 hours. The XMR is the 14th cryptocurrency, with a market cap of about $1.46 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of $128,431,954.

In the last ten days, Monero (XMR) price dropped by about $20, and there is nothing to hint to a comeback for the XMR, the renowned privacy coin. Today, Monero (XMR) plunged in the “red zone” by more than 23%, but as we can see from the above current statistics on the coin, it slightly recovered towards its yesterday’s value against the USD.

Monero (XMR) also jumped below the support level set at $87.12. That means that the XMR will have to put some more effort into it to recover to higher ground. Despite the struggle of the Monero team to invest in updates on the XMR’s blockchain, Monero (XMR) might continue its bearish trend. But, if the market goes bullish, the XMR might follow and raise, but, at the moment, it’s advisable not to buy XMR.

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