IoT Marketplace DataBroker DAO Reveals Three New Partners And Latest Listing On Tokenjar

DataBroker DAO is an IoT sensor data marketplace and became popular across the world due to their plans involving a unique platform. This is thanks to the nature of IoT technology because it can capture the imaginations of various industries.

The company became a part of the fourth industrial revolution, and it also included in its developments the emerging blockchain technology, mixing the best of both worlds.

Token sale for DTX ends and new listings arrive

DAO token sale for its native DTX token ended, and the crypto got listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinFalcon, and Bitforex as well.

After such important listings, another exchange decided to add the token, Tokenjar. This is a decentralized exchange that has zero service fees and direct transactions from one wallet to another without the need for a deposit, registration, and KYC.

They use the 0x protocol which is open and permissionless, allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Improving the essential features of the DataBroker DAO platform

The team behind the platform is working hard to achieve all that it takes so that people see clearly all of its advantages and benefits.

They are working on strong use cases and examples of the platform at work showing the cryptosphere that it’s able to transform lives and enterprises.

The team is also trying to make their ideas more accessible in order to be understood by extended segments in the market.

Currently, there are 25 organizations that are ready to be included in the platform, and the company is working on preparing the onboarding experience for one member at a time.

The reason is that they understood that each and every alliance member has its very own needs and requirements.

DataBroker DAO’s primary target is to get enough developers by the end of summer in order to get the platform up and running flawlessly.

The team behind the platform is also struggling to tackle the messages that they have to send out to token sale participants and partners.

These are very important parties because they are the early believers in the token who took part at the sale; they are the 25 members who are a top priority at the moment, of course, along with the segments of the market that they’re trying to reach.

The IoT future is around the corner

According to the official press release of DataBroker DAO, they are currently focusing on “IoT sensor data owners and buyers, and when they successfully break through and manage to put all these pieces together, early birds and latecomers alike are going to reap the long-term rewards of a fourth industrial revolution technology, backed by blockchain.”

The team wants to make sure that as many enthusiasts as possible checks in their Telegram channel because that’s the place where they can remain updated on the latest developments and achievements.

DataBroker DAO boasts three new Alliance members who will boost security features, crowd-sensing, project management and consulting. Here they are:

Rivetz will contribute to enhancing security

The company produces embedded, blockchain-based mobile security solutions. The tech that Rivetz can provide will translate into a guarantee for higher security for digital assets and transactions as well.

Users will be protected via Google Authenticator, and the Rivetz Developer Toolkit will provide a straightforward security protection service without the need for passwords, pin numbers, and 64-character private keys.

SenLab will support IoT developments

The company provides an award-winning smartphone IoT dashboard, gateway, cloud and API for prototyping, piloting and testing.

SenLab activates in the crowd-sensing field while using a large group of participants who receive reliable data via their mobiles.

This method has proven its self to be great for monitoring traffic, roads, urban mobility, smart cities, social networking, healthcare, safety and environmental monitoring.

Eurocon will support developments for more use cases

Last but not least, Eurocon is a project management and consulting organization that specializes in managing tech and business clusters, innovation centers, international pilot projects in emerging markets and advanced digital programmers.

The company has been running an IoT community event since 2011 as a networking connector for smart cities, Industry 4.0, logistics, healthcare and supply chain industries.

You can find out more details on DataBroker DAO be reading its whitepaper.

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