IOHK’s September Update For Project Shelley Is Out: Incentives, Delegation, And Networking

IOHK’s September Update For Project Shelley Is Out: Incentives, Delegation, And Networking

Project Shelley is Cardano’s ambitious project which has as the main target to make the Cardano blockchain fully decentralized and autonomous.

A couple of days ago, IOHK project manager Liz Bancroft-Turner shared the project’s update for September and discussed tests and quality plans.

Project Shelley’s goal is to become fully decentralized and autonomous

Bancroft-Turner said that achieving the goal of Shelley depends on three streams: incentives, delegation, and networking.

For incentives, the goal involves making sure that the stakeholders of the blockchain have enough motivation to run the protocol and help the system run smoothly.

Delegation involves users providing their block signing rights to a third party.

Networking is about allowing the creation of an infrastructure that is able to support complete decentralization.

According to her, the IOHK team completed the Delegation and Incentives Research Papers, and they are currently working on delegation design specification, peer discovery design, communication protocol design, and Delta Q measurement design.

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Test and quality plan

The test and quality plan involves the next steps, according to IOHK’s official notes on their forum:

  • IOHK’s testing methodology which includes test strategy, test execution strategy, and test management
  • Making sure that the development team will follow best practices for quality control, will reveal scope and procedures of testing, and highlight tools, requirements, risks, mitigation plans
  • Last, but not least, from functional testing, it will also cover non-functional testing (such as performance and benchmarking tests, security tests, transitioning from centralized to decentralized network tests)

Closing words

The Shelley project brings the very next phase in the Cardano blockchain after the completion of the Byron phase.

If everything goes as planned and the Shelley testnet can go live without a problem by the end of the year, this would mark a huge turning point for Cardano and its IOHK team as well.

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