Holders Of 1 Bitcoin (BTC) Will Be Privileged People

Despite the considerable crypto market volatility, people’s interest in Bitcoin (BTC) is on the rise these days, and the trend will definitely continue.

The crypto market witnessed some pretty massive price drops lately, but this is not enough to stop optimistic predictions about Bitcoin.

You may recall that not too long ago, we reported that Binance CEO said that whoever has 1 BTC will basically be among the wealthiest people on the planet.

BTC investors to become a “rare class”

In a new viral tweet, Zhao speculates that BTC’s limited total supply will push its investors into a rare class.

You can see his tweet below.

BTC’s protocol allows for 21 million to be mined in total.

BTC entrepreneur Charlie Shrem pointed out at the fact that BTC has a relative scarcity as evidence of its current and future value.

Brian Armstrong is on the same page

Now, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong joins the voices in the crypto space who are saying this and he also claims the very same thing.

In a brand new tweet, Armstrong offers a response in order to address an article coming from Vice which analyzes BTC’s origins, scarcity, wealth creation, energy usage, adoption, and potential.

The article calls crypto billionaires the “new Medicis” who are “funding a wave of art, culture, and technology efforts commissioned in their own image.”

“The new digital wealth is already reshaping the traditional domains of the 1 percent—even philanthropy. In late 2017, an anonymous cryptocurrency holder launched Pineapple Fund, devoted to giving away $86 million worth of Bitcoin to charities,” the same article says.

It continues and explains, “Its slogan suggests the scope of the crypto boom: ‘Once you have enough money, money doesn’t matter.’ The fund’s creator notes that the $86 million represents most, but not all, of their hoard.”

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