Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH To Hit $2,090 This Month

Crypto-related predictions have been pouring in the crypto space since the very beginning of 2019 like there’s no tomorrow, and now it’s time to bring Ethereum into the spotlight.

Bitcoin-related predictions have been pretty much all bullish so let’s see whether ETH shows the same positive sentiment.

ETH to hit $2,090 in April

We recently mentioned crypto analyst ScienceGuy9489, and now, the man is back with more predictions, as reported by Investinbblockchain.

In a recent series of predictions he predicted that  BTC would hit $28,000, LTC would hit $650, and Ripple would hit $4.

Now, he’s back with a Twitter forecast in which he claims that ETH has the potential to reach a high of $2,090.

“He had calculated this figure by taking the support at $80 from the 2018 high at $1,420 ($1420 – $80 = $1340). He went on to divide the result by 2 and then added this figure to the 2018 high to reach $2,090,” the online publication explains.

ScienceGuy seems that he did not stop there are he took things even further saying that ETH will have a breakout date: April 24.

The online magazine continues and details extremely closely the explanations and reasons for which this is set to happen, and we recommend that you head over to the original article and check out all the details.

Other recent ETH price predictions

There have been a lot of experts and crypto analysts who have been claiming that ETH will be bullish this year.

Smartereum predicted that Ethereum (ETH) would hit $484 in July and $1450 in 2019.

One of the reasons for which CoinSwitch foresees a great 2019 for ETH is the HTC Blockchain Phone Exodus 1 which is only accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum.

2019 is expected to be a great year for digital assets in terms of prices, but also mass adoption as well.

And thankfully, especially the move regarding mainstream adoption has been going great so far.

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