Energi Mine fires up phase two of it EnergiToken rewards app

Energi Mine, the AI and blockchain-based energy company, has announced phase two of its EnergiToken rewards platform – bringing with it new features. 

Energi Mine, which – it says – “aims to have a positive impact on the planet, offering a unique and innovative way of approaching the problem of excessive energy usage”, has now announced the launch of ‘phase two’ of EnergiToken (ETK) rewards system. Its aim is to tokenise energy saving behaviour with real financial rewards, incentivising consumers to make energy saving choices “through subtle positive reinforcement”.

The new phase of its roll out sees the ETK rewards app expanded to give approved vendors the power to purchase ETK tokens, and manage client transactions through an integrated web dashboard. It also gives consumers the change to interact with approved vendors who sell energy efficient products.

The English-language update to the app – which is still in its beta phase – is available right now, with Korean and Japanese versions following on August 6th 2018. The company says that a Traditional and Simplified Chinese version will arrive on August 13th.

Those interested in trying it out can sign up via the EnergiToken website, where you can also read the full Whitepaper – including various use cases for ETK.

Aimed at both businesses and consumers, ETK is intended (among an array of potential uses) to be a method of payment for energy usage, as a reward for energy efficiency – perhaps as reward for buying energy efficient products or services from an EnergiMine partner company that distributes the rewards – or as payment for supplying excess renewable energy back to the grid. Those ETK tokens can then be fed back into the system, or exchanged for FIAT currency.

The company’s press release says that it has already established partnerships with UK’s Network Rail, and that Energy Managers Association is currently trialling Energi Mine’s blockchain based rewards platform. The company currently manages over $140 million worth of energy on behalf of its customers, looking after approximately 1,100 customer sites across Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands).

Omar Rahim, CEO of the company says: “We are extremely happy with the progress to date. This latest update will expand the possibilities open to those using the Energi Mine rewards platform. Whether it is through allowing consumers and vendors to interact more freely or in giving vendors more control over transactions – Energi Mine is taking another important step towards creating a fully functioning ecosystem to incentivise energy efficient behaviour.”

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