Dusk Foundation Welcomes New Expert Advisors On Board To Revolutionize Secure Communications

Business communication receives great news, as essential movements that will support security and safety are taking place in the sector.

Dusk Foundation is a non-profit blockchain research organization, and it just welcomed a fresh cast of blockchain and crypto experts.

The company is on its way to launch it censorship-free, discrete communications platform.

The organization just announced the addition of five new members to its board: Gary Quin, Richard Sanders, James Roy Poulter, and Marcel Roelants.

Dusk is currently working to develop the first unrestricted and without surveillance, fully distributed blockchain-based communication network in order to protect free speech and exchange of ideas.

The new expert team supports the company’s targets regarding the security of communications

Gary Queen is a Senior Advisor to Credit Suisse and the former CEO of Blackrock Communications. With 25 years of expertise in telecommunications and media including building, financing and purchasing successful businesses in the sector, Gary is currently leading Credit Suisse’s investment banking and capital markets division in Ireland. Since 2013, he managed to raise over 12 billion Euros for Irish corporations.

Richard Sanders is an expert blockchain investigator, probing some of the most popular hacks in the industry including EtherDelta hack from 2017. He is the co-founder of the investigation agency CipherBlade, and now he serves there as Chief Security Officer. His work led to arrests, prosecutions and asset recovery.

James Roy Poulter is the CEO of The Reserve which is an investment bank that links the traditional finance sector to the cryptosphere. The bank runs a decentralized conference twice a month in more than 20 countries. Poulter was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 for his previous role as CEO of Pronto.

Nicolas Cimon is the Managing Director of Cross-Border Consulting, and with more than 20 years of experience in the legal and consulting business, he was involved in significant IPOs of securities, issuance of debts, hybrid securities and more. He is currently executing strategic recruitments for international law firms, banks, and leading blockchain companies.

Marcel Roelants has years of experience in the payment sector, and he is currently Advisor at BitBay, playing a vital role in the world’s largest Bitcoin payment processor. He was also a mentor at Startupbootcamp. He also introduced SEQR the most widely-used mobile wallet in Europe in Benelux.

“We’re thrilled to welcome this new cadre of advisors to the Dusk Foundation board,” stated Emanuele Francioni, Project and Tech Lead of Dusk Foundation.

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Empowering activists and movements around the world

Richard Sanders believes that the ability to communicate and transfer assets uninterruptedly and censor-free as well as free of surveillance will empower movements and activists around the globe.

Dusk’s potential to protect business owners is essential especially in a climate in which surveillance and corporate espionage becomes more and more threatening with each passing day. It’s vital that companies have the ability to communicate safely and secure.

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