Cryptocurrency exchange launches new social media network

Huobi Chat users will be rewarded for their socialising…

Whilst it’s not likely to give Facebook and Twitter a run for their money anytime soon, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges has nonetheless announced its own new social media platform.

Huobi has unveiled Huobi Chat, that’s now available in beta form for testing. Amongst the features for the new service are chain-split groups, a blockchain foundation, multi-language translation and token red packets. It’s a cross-platform service, working across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Under an announcement that declares ‘socializing in mining’, Huobi has also added an incentive to give the new chat service a try. Users who do so will be rewarded thanks to the Huobi Chat Token – the HCT – and the firm will be using the token to help promote the new service, and help develop its community.

Huobi Chat has only just gone live this past week in beta form, and given how early it is in its lifespan, thus far you need an invite to be able to use it. At the time of writing, 1,270 users had received the tap on the shoulder to give the service a try, and there were 78 active users. You can keep up to date with statistics surrounding Huobi Chat over at its webpage, here.

No timescale has been announced thus far for the official full version of Huobi Chat, but it’s fair to suggest that the beta programme for it will be gradually extended over the coming months, allowing more of us a chance to give it a try.

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