BREAKING NEWS: Wall Street Market Has Likely Exit Scammed – $30 Million Stolen, People Blackmailed – Warning: Do Not Deposit Coins Or Make Orders

On the Dread community on the Dark Web, there’s a mind-blowing thread which claims that Wall Street Market has likely exit scammed.

Long story short, the Dream market, the oldest one in the industry, has randomly decided to shut down.

All investors have then moved to the Wall Street Market and the issue debated on Dread is that Wall Street might have scammed these people with up to $30 million.

The official moderator of Dread writes the following: “If you do not know, in the last days, as described by the administrators, we’re experiencing problems due to a server crash that caused our Bitcoin server to be out of sync with the blockchain. These problems result in loss of the control over the wallets for this server until is completely resynchronized.”

The moderator continues “For this reason, we had to send coins directly to the waiting list wallet, as we are waiting for this process so that they can be sent to the appropriate escrow wallet. We were told that the site would soon go into maintenance mode to avoid sending more coins and it was estimated that the synchronization was to completed yesterday.”

How Wall Street Market wins with this move

People are sure that the Wall Street Market have exit scammed for sure. Someone even says that from a rational but not moral standpoint this was an intelligent decision.

Here’s how it is believed that they win by doing this:

  • Law Enforcement will focus on a different market.
  • They now have more expertise and resources to start a secondary market if they want. Wait 6 months or one year and make a great market.
  • $13 million each is enough to live for life if you invest it good and are reasonably frugal.
  • Every player in this game should have an exit strategy. Some will be scum and others will be heroes. It’s not rational to expect to run a DNM forever, eventually, you will get caught. A couple of years should be more than enough.

A $30 million exit scam

Some users have been feeling that this might be an exit scam for two weeks now and they contacted the guys directly.

I’d rather FE than escrow anyway, the drug dealers have stock to sell.. The market operators don’t. And I’m certainly happier with these guys running with our money than with Law Enforcement getting the coins to continue a stupid war. Not that it’s Law Enforcement problem, it’s a legislative problem, but anyway.. Fu*k you LE,” someone writes.

Scam confirmed – Wall Street Market, also blackmailing people

One user confirms everything and even says blackmail is involved.

Wall Street Market Exit ScamI CAN CONFIRM!! I am californiasfinest on WSM … support is messaging all my orders which have plain text on their address and asking them BLACKMAILING THEM.. here’s the message I don’t want to post a pic.


Or you gonna be in the list leaked to Europol/FBI

Remember, this is not just a burn drop or a burned packstation, investigations go further once the whole site was crawled and saved and if you pay, include the order id on the dispute message so you can be removed.

Another Wall St Market Vendor VanillaSurf received this message in his dispute dialog

WARNING! It seems that the Administrators of Wall Street Market have stolen everyone’s money. Do NOT deposit any money into the market as you will never see it again. Please be careful of any other messages from support as some staff have been attempting to blackmail users for money! For updates on this there are posts on Dread forums! [LINK TO THIS FORUM POST WAS HERE] I am so sorry to everyone who may have lost money here and I am trying to warn as many people as I can!

It seems that Wall Street Market administration has allegedly done a massive theft and at the same time it’s support team blackmailing users – however one of the main moderators appears to have had their account suspended so perhaps there is a chance that WSM isn’t exit scamming but all the indicators are pointing to the fact that they are, according to the reports above.

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