Blockchain-based startup uses tech to create largest cloud network of its kind

Blockchain startup RNDR has launched a graphics rendering program that operates across a distributed network, creating the largest cloud computing network of its kind.

A new survey conducted by the company shows that its decentralised network of graphics processing units powers the world’s largest cloud network, surpassing those from major proviers.

The platform uses blockchain technology to allow graphics to be rendered faster and more efficiently, by distributing each rendering job on independent, individually-owned processing units.

Jules Urbach, CEO of OTOY – RNDR’s parent company – said: “We have been working for quite some time now to build the RNDR network and have reached unprecedented levels in cloud computing, putting us at the top with the largest tech companies in the world. Our vision when we first began this journey was to scale and democratise rendering, creating more efficient processes and to reach not only high-power Hollywood studios, but also everyday content creators who might not otherwise have access to this technology.

“RNDR is the key to ushering in the increasingly virtual future of entertainment – from AR to VR to video games to film. This significant milestone further demonstrates that we are that much closer to reaching our goal, and we can’t wait to show the world what our platform can do in the near future.”

OTOY’s technology has been used previously on film projects such as Star Wars, Avatar, Westworld and more.

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