Bitcoin Price Prediction: BitMEX CEO Says BTC Is On Its Way To $20k

The crypto market has been extremely volatile these days, but as we said before, such a thing was not enough to stop optimistic predictions about the price of BTC to pour in the crypto space.

More experts are still optimistic regarding the price of Bitcoin and more altcoins as well.

Now, we see another positive crypto prediction, and this one comes from the most unexpected location.

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes comes online from the top of Peru’s city in the sky, Machu Picchu, according to the latest reports coming from the online publication The Daily Hodl.

Bitcoin to double its value soon

Hayes brought with him a new prediction on the price of Bitcoin, saying he thinks it’s now on a path to doubling in value.

People were excited to see the man back online and also to read his positive prediction on the price for the most important crypto in the market.

A fan tweeted: “Hey welcome back, just remembered it’s September and you promised to be back.”

One other commenter said: “Arthur can you just print $10k 1m candles in both directions, liquidate everyone, buy a country and retire in peace. Free everyone from this suffering, end it.”

Someone pointed out that “last time he tweeted at $4k or so that the winter ain’t over yet. We pumped straight to $14k. Now we’re at $10,3k and he’s talking about 20k. I think we’re fvcked lol.”

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red on CMC.

More bullish BTC predictions

Peter Brandt who accurately called out the beginning of the past BTC bear market has recently tweeted about BTC’s previous parabolic cycles.

The chart that he shows in his tweet is mentioning a brand new potential for a parabolic path that is showing BTC climbing above $100k.

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