Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reach Between $15k-$20k In A Few Weeks

The optimistic predictions about BTC keep pouring into the crypto space as BTC surges.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red on CMC, and the most valuable coin in the market is priced at $11,840.78.

BTC is heading towards $15,000-$20,000

Recently, the biggest crypto analyst on YouTube said that he believes BTC will target $15.000-$20,000 in the next weeks.

In a new episode of DataDash, Nicholas Merten says he’s feeling bullish and this is especially because of Bitcoin’s rising mainstream stature as a hedge against global economic instability.

“I believe anything in the [$9,000 to $12,000] range is going to be a huge discount a few weeks out in this case, when we really start to pick up on the cycle and possibly go to $15,000, $18,000 or $20,000. I think that’s where we’re going to in the sense of the cards that we have right now. And the reason for that is because the macro environment is brewing for that,” Merten said.

He continued and said that Bitcoin is also gaining more popularity and becoming a more popular subject of discussion.

You can check out all the details that Merten pointed out in the video above.

Bitcoin is heading towards an all-time high

This is what more crypto analysts seem to believe.

Head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors said that Bitcoin had proven this year that it’s an effective hedge against global economic uncertainty.

During a new interview with CNBC’s Fast Money, Tom Lee explained the reasons for which he believes Bitcoin is on its way to new highs and proving itself to be an institutional source of investment diversification.

There have been more and more positive Bitcoin-related predictions these days and more expert voices expect the most important coin in the market to hit the first important level of $12k.

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