Bitcoin Adoption: Former NASA Engineer Says The World Needs Tools Like Bitcoin

There have been a lot of efforts made in the crypto space which have been supporting the primary goal of mass crypto adoption.

A lot of institutions and relevant entities have entered the crypto space and, with their moves, they support this considerable goal.

Interest in Bitcoin and cryptos is definitely on the rise.

Former NASA engineer supports Bitcoin

Now, a former NASA engineer and BTC advocate Beth Moses said that she had got a birds-eye view on humanity from outer space, as revealed by the Daily Hodl.

Just in case you don’t know, she became the very first woman commercial astronaut in the world this year.

Moses soared 55.87 miles (89.9 kilometers) into orbit as a “test passenger” aboard Virgin Galactic’s second spaceflight on February 22.

The woman is an early proponent of BTC, and she began mining BTC after she had read Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper back in 2013.

The Daily Hodl writes that as Virgin Galactic’s chief astronaut instructor and interiors program manager, Moses believes global tools can solve critical problems.

Global tools like BTC can solve stringent issues

Moses, in a recent report by Forbes, said the following:

“Humanity has reached a point where important projects have to be global in order to survive political cycles and in order to be able to be funded…”

She continued and said: “I saw the original bitcoin blockchain as evidence of a global tool that could give a point of reference for data keeping and a transfer of value.”

Moses explained that “It is the same ledger referenced to the same genesis block no matter where you are, and that struck me as a global tool. Just like every GPS system uses the same latitude and longitude, zero.”

You should check out the Daily Hodl’s original article, in order to see what more Moses had to say on the issue.

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