Are Binance and TechCrunch’s founders working on new startup together?

A Twitter post by Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch and erstwhile main-man at high-profile crypto hedge fund Arrington XRP Capital, has set tongues wagging.

A recent post to Twitter by Micheal Arrington has floated the intriguing prospect of a link-up between one of the men that helped shape the Silicon Valley revolution in the post-dotcom-boom years, and the man who has created on of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency influencers from nothing in just over a year.

The initial post – showing a pretty idyllic looking workspace in Lichtenstein, of all places – looks innocuous enough.

And, indeed it is… But then it was quickly followed by this from Binance’s Changpen Zhao.

Which quickly illicited responses like this.

Not helped by Arrington’s response…

While Binance’s rise was woven into the fabric of the 2017 Crypto boom, people may not know that Arrington last year announced the formation of a hedge fund closely tied to the software company Ripple, and the nothing-to-do-with-us-anymore cryptocurrency it created. Named Arrington XRP Capital, it dedicates itself to investing in digital assets and ICOs – and continue’s its namesake’s penchant for looking for the next big thing in tech, which he has been doing since starting the highly influential TechCrunch blog over 13 years ago.

Arrington – a noted Libertarian thinker – stepped away from what TechCrunch had become after a decade at the helm, back in 2015. Upon starting XRP Capital, he said that he intends to dedicate the rest of his career to cryptocurrency development.

He has previously been involved in a number of tech startups as investor and participant, notably a failed attempt to launch a tablet computer around a year-or-so before Apple launched its game-changing iPad.

So will we hear something about what the pair are potentially up to today? Who knows. It could be a genuine team-up, or just a bit of Twitter trolling. After all, we already know why CZ would be somewhere as esoteric as Lichtenstein – he’s due to appear here, alongside Arrington, Tomorrow.

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