A New Era In Communication: Miracle Tele Reveals TELE Token Sale To Provide The Lowest Mobile Call Rates

Our life is pretty much governed by mobile phones and all of their associated infrastructure these days.

No matter how cynical this may sound, it’s definitely hard to imagine out personal and especially out professional life without a cellular phone.

Mobile services have become less expensive over the years, but they are still costly.

The massive scale of infrastructure the communications hardware, signal towers, operations teams, repair and maintenance, all these trigger huge costs and all of them are passed down to us, consumers, via the call and data package rates.

Another issue worth mentioning is that companies are not that keen on providing free services. On the other hand, they involve burdensome paperwork, contracts and all kinds of tedious conditions of service.

In other words, it’s not too far-fetched to say that mobile operators fail to deliver what the modern consumer is looking for. The solution? You guessed it right – the answer comes again from the blockchain technology.

Miracle Tele is using blockchain to create a decentralized mobile network

Miracle Tele allows people from all over the world use its services and their primary goal is to completely change the communication.

The company relies on the blockchain tech to provide a network and communicate.

It doesn’t require conventional hardware or infrastructure in order to operate.

This triggers a massive reduction in costs and, as a result, the Mobile Virtual Network operator (MVN) will be able to offer calling and Internet traffic services at the lowest fees.

The great thing is that they plan to launch their very own blockchain in 2020 which means that it will be possible to avoid Ethereum blockchain transaction costs and limits, while at the same time providing less expensive rates.

The main features and impressive benefits of Miracle Tele

First of all, Miracle Tele is a virtual network that operates in more than 163 countries and it does not have roaming charges. In other words, all calls are basically treated as local ones.

Outgoing calls are at the flat rate of EUR 0.20, and incoming ones are free of cost. Other benefits of using Miracle Tele include the following:

  • Pay as you go: the company does not use any contracts and doesn’t require documentation.
  • Virtual numbers: users will get the chance of selecting any number of virtual numbers as they please; these are available between EUR 2 and 3 with monthly fees ranging from EUR 0.5 to 1.5. Data packages and independent and users can browse the Internet without one.
  • Free services include WhatsApp and Telegram on the network.
  • Multi-currency top-ups: the network supports a few cryptos and fiat currencies as well for mobile credit.
  • Reward program: via stacking, users will be able to stake their TELE tokens on the platform and get rewards in multiple crypto and fiat currencies. The rewards are based on 40% of biweekly net profit that’s divided between token holders.

Miracle Tele is powered by TELE Token

Miracle Tele is currently based on the Ethereum blockchain, but it’s powered by its very own native ERC20 compatible token, TELE.

Stacking is only available via the TELE tokens. It’s important to note that the platform does allow top-ups and reward withdrawals in other crypto and fiat currencies.

The TELE token is currently in its distribution phase, and there are 150 million TELE available to backers.

The event’s ending does not have a time limit, and it also lacks a minimum/maximum investment limit. The TELE token is available at 1 TELE = EUR 0.1.

There’s a social media campaign currently in progress that’s worth mentioning and a monthly airdrop that is scheduled for the end of this month.

During the Token Sale, new services will be launched as well, and these will go beyond the mobile networking. Just to give you some examples two of them will be a multi crypto wallet and prepaid crypto debit cards.

At the moment, Miracle Tele is in the final phase of testing their entire system. When the testing and the TELE token TGE are complete, users will be able to acquire airtime and data via TELE.

Closing words

Unlike other cryptos, TELE promises to be resistant to market fluctuations after the distribution event and listings on exchanges.

The main reason for which such a thing will even be possible is that the token’s value will be linked directly to the telecom services, which are virtual but also tangible at the same time.

Miracle Tele might just be what the future of communication needs using the innovative features of the blockchain technology which is already penetrating all sectors of our lives.

You can find out more in-depth details on the official website here.

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