18% of US students own crypto; twice national average

The proportion of students in the US who own cryptocurrency amounts to double the national average, according to the results of a new Coinbase study.

The research – conducted by Coinbase and Qriously – surveyed 675 students from across the United States and found that 18 per cent of respondents own cryptoassets. Furthermore, around a quarter of them said they were interested in taking a crypto or blockchain course.

David Yermack, finance department chair for NYU Stern School of Business, said: “A process is well underway that will lead to the migration of most financial data to blockchain-based organisations. Students will benefit greatly by studying this area.”

Fifty international universities were reviewed to determine how many crypto and blockchain-related courses are available, and it was found that 42 per cent had at least one example. In fact, 22 per cent actually offer more than one and, if longstanding foundational cryptography classes are included, the figure rises to 70 per cent.

This was not necessarily in computer science, either, with anthropology and finance departments also offering students the chance to study.

“Blockchain combines theory and pracctice and can lead to fundamental breakthroughs in many research areas,” said University of California, Berkeley computer science professor Dawn Song. “It can have really profound and broad-scale impacts on society in many different industries.

“The techniques used in blockchain aren’t necessarily new,” she continued. “[These are areas] where research and even education has been around for a long time.”

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